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Worker Proposals

When to Submit a Worker Proposal

Once a worker proposal has been boosted, the proposal takes approximately 7 days to pass. With this time-frame in mind, a worker should submit their proposal on Alchemy one week before she intends to be compensated for her work. It is the worker’s responsibility to submit her worker proposals in a timely manner, and keep track of what she has been paid.

Worker Proposal Format – What to Include


[NAME] Worker Proposal [DATE - DATE]


If this is your first worker proposal, state any context for making the proposal, including:

  • What position you will be filling – i.e. developer, marketing, governance, etc.

  • Who you have been in contact with regarding the position (add their DAOtalk usernames)

If you are a continuing worker, state which products and areas you are working on / any other relevant background information


State the date range, typically 2 months (2.5 months for first-time workers).


State the products and / or strategy areas you will be working under. E.g. Omen and governance.

Include both short-term goals that you seek to accomplish during the working period and long-term goals.


List the specific deliverables you will be either completing and / or working on during the working period. Try to state which deliverables you intend to complete within the period and which are long-term or ongoing projects.

If You Are A Returning Worker, Write a Self-Reflection:

State what you did well, what you did okay, and what you need to improve on.


  • Experience Level: 1-5

  • Time commitment: Full-time, Part-time, Percent (%) time

  • Salary for 2 months of work at specified level, to be sent half on the first payment proposal and half on the second payment

  • DXD vested for 2 years with a 1 year cliff starting the [DATE WORK PERIOD STARTS]

  • Designated REP to be sent in the second payment proposal

Work Experience:

  • Prior DXdao work proposals (if applicable)

  • Past Work for DXdao

    • If a developer, Github links

    • If a non-tech worker, doc links or described deliverables

  • If new, past relevant work experience

    • Developers: Github profile link

    • Non-tech: suggested linkedin / other references

Sample Worker Proposals




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